Guess the change

A fun and exciting game for all the family

A "change" is a bellringing term. Technically speaking, the "change" is the move from one row (or permutation, or ordering of the bells) to the next, but we typically use it to mean the row itself. For historical reasons, in bellringing, we always ring each of the bells in the tower once in some order, making a row, and then change to the next row, in which the bells are once again all rung once in some order.

So the game is really just to guess an ordering of the numbers 1 to n, for whatever n you pick.

If you ask to "Watch computer play", the computer will follow the strategy of generating a random guess compatible with all the information it has so far. It does this by working through all n! possibilities until it finds something that works -- note that this can take it quite a while for 10 bells).

If you watch the fast solver instead, the computer will not be trying to minimise the guesses it makes. Each guess will be the initial guess with one pair of bells swapped, until it has collected sufficient information. This is a much faster solver and you can run it for many more bells without upsetting your browser, but it uses a lot more guesses!

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