Are you looking for an experienced translator for your German or Dutch scientific communication who can put the idea clearly into words for your English-speaking readers? Who can understand your technical terms and judge the appropriate register for your readers? Someone familiar with scientific writing and communication?

Or are you looking for an experienced English translator for your German or Dutch mathematical paper who can truly understand it? Who knows how to differentiate between derivatives and derivations? Who knows how to typeset your equations – whether they're in Word or LaTex? Someone with experience in academic writing and publishing papers?


Specialist fields (qualified): Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, Computer Science – theory, networking, IT, software.
Other fields of experience: Civil engineering, construction, railways.

  • PhD: Theoretical computer science
    (Bayesian learning: mathematics & statistics)
  • Masters of Translation: University of Bristol 2018
  • Rates from EUR 0.09 per word
  • Turnaround 3,000 words/day (more for large urgent projects)
  • Flexible working hours including evenings and weekends
When I'm not working, I like to hang out in my garden and give peas a chance

About me

Born in London (UK), bred in Lincoln (UK), educated at Cambridge, Edinburgh, Southampton, Bristol and The Open Universities. Worked briefly as a research assistant in the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, took off to travel the world, spent some years tucked away on the beautiful Isles of Scilly working in tourism... Finally moved to Germany where I live in Rhineland Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) and combine my education and experience by working as a freelance translator.

I used Linux systems and LaTeX for all my Computer Science studies; nowadays I run a dual system with SDL Trados Studio 2017 and Microsoft Office running on Windows, or OmegaT and Libreoffice on Linux. I have LaTeX installed on both and also Texpoint on Windows. Ask me if you have other requirements ... I can handle most types of file!

I have experience translating content relating to: mathematics, physics, popular science, IT/software and networking, railway networks, civil engineering/construction. If your project lies outside my specialism, I can recommend a colleague to you.